Josephine Wilkins
Josephine Wilkins
Intuitive Coach | Inspirational Speaker | Yoga Instructor



For a long time, Josephine was focused on accumulating snazzy and impressive accolades, so that when it came time to show off on an about page like this one, she'd be able to wow you with a bunch of impressive endorsements and what not.

She is a gift to this universe... able to help each of us connect with our own gifts and talents.
— Deb G. (Midlothian, Texas)

However, about the time she turned thirty, she learned that all those impressive testimonials and snazzy endorsements on about pages actually don't have anything to do with how useful a coach, guide or teacher really is.

Because the truth is, just because somebody famous swore by a particular person's methodology, it doesn't mean that methodology would work for her (or you).

So, while Josephine does have testimonials from famous people, just like all the other professionals in this particular space, she'd be the first to remind you that what matters is what helps you specifically.

Josephine has spent over a decade coaching people on their very personal journeys to create a life they love, to find their bliss, ease their way around life's obstacles, and gain clarity in the face of tough decisions. One of her greatest strengths is to recognize her client's highest potential and then guide them to actualize it in their daily lives.

And she's done it not just so she could create a flashy about page, but because it brings her some of the greatest joy she's ever known. She believes this is truly how we will save our species and this planet as we bring more love and joy back to everything.




One-on-One Intuitive Coaching

When you make a mistake - be it in life, at work, in love, or where ever - you probably almost always know exactly what you should have done differently. It's usually easy to see the rocks in our path after we've tripped over them.

But, what if you had somebody in your corner unconditionally cheering you on while helping to identify and avoid the rocks that are tripping you up on the road to a life you love. With regular one-on-one intuitive coaching with Josephine, you'll finally have somebody guiding you based on what you're doing right - which is probably a lot more than you think.


Small Group Intuitive Coaching Sessions

You probably have friends or colleagues working their way down a similar path you are. The power to create a life you love that comes from one-on-one coaching is only amplified when you open the process up to a small group.


Private Group Intuitive Yoga

Josephine's unique brand of Intuitive Yoga draws on a dozen different styles and disciplines. It was developed specifically to compliment the work she does in her coaching sessions.


Inspirational Public Speaking

Got an event that needs some love? Josephine's message will remind your audience of what matters most, while inspiring them on their race towards creating the lives they love.





What is Intuitive Guidance/Coaching?

It’s often hard to see where the emotional and spiritual blocks are that are keeping us from creating a life we love. And when we are able to identify them, figuring out what needs to be done to clear the path – to say nothing of actually doing the work – can feel even more challenging. That’s where intuitive guidance comes in.

What Josephine provides is a rock solid, always positive and super supportive mirror reflection of the truths your own intuition is trying to tell you. She provides the much needed practical tools and perspective to leverage the signals your intuition is sending so that you can receive all you desire.

Whether it’s coaching over the phone or a group yoga session with your friends, Josephine provides tools to not only get your life moving in the direction you want, but also to help you hone your own intuition so that when you leave the session you are clear on what needs to be done and more empowered to do it than ever before.



I am sure you’ll agree that your intuition is an important part of how whatever higher power you believe in speaks to you, and, I make a concerted effort with all my clients to deliver guidance in language that works for you. While there is a spiritual component to our work together, that can take whatever form you need it to. If the words “spiritual guide” are rubbing you the wrong way, try to think of me more as a personal trainer for your intuition – because that is exactly what I am.



No. And while I do tend to do a lot of relationship work with my clients, the point of learning to hone your intuition and of my guidance is not to get you to understand yourself better, the point of our work is to uncover what is standing in the way of you creating a life you love and working to remove or circumvent those roadblocks. To that end, I will be much more like a coach or personal trainer, or a big sister. Your psychological health is important and if we identify that as something that is standing in your way, I will suggest you find an actual therapist to work with. But I truly believe that a lot of us end up in therapy not because we have actual psychological damage, but because we don’t know where else to go for help — I am that alternative.



Of course. And so are you. That’s what intuition is. A connection to the larger universe that hides behind the veil of our perception of what we collectively agree to call reality.


Can you connect me with love ones who have passed?

Of course. And so can you. We are all just energy underneath all those layers upon layers of skin. Energy never goes away, it just transforms. When we tap into our intuition, we are tapping into the purest level of that essential truth. We are reaching back into the collective flow that runs through us all, living or not.


What about science? Or is it all mystical mumbo jumbo?

Science is our friend, not our enemy. I find that studies on intuition can at times have remarkably counterintuitive results. The underlying theories that guide my practice and the basic concepts that make up quantum mechanics and astrophysics are more in line with each other than you might think. What I find the most interesting about the scientific process of inquiry is that it encourages one to question everything – even the science itself. The first step of both what I do with my clients and of what good scientists do is to challenge one’s assumptions to see if what we think is true actually is.






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