Deb G. 

I have procrastinated in writing this review because my words cannot fully express the gift that C. Josephine Wilkins is and so lovingly shares. I lovingly and joyfully encourage anyone who is in need of help in any facet of their life or spiritual growth to call upon Josephine as I assure you, you will be changed in a beautiful way and your vision made more clear, your path more joyous. Josephine’s story is hers and so I will let you hear that from her but I can tell you that her path has allowed her to have the PERFECT balance of loving tenderness, spiritual strength, practical wisdom, spiritual intuition like I have never seen in anyone, and a wonderful groundedness than includes a really fun sense of humor when appropriate. 

To support my above remarks, I will share some specifics about how I have been helped in earthbound challenges and my spiritual growth. I won’t share everything of course but will touch on a few as examples. 

I have struggled, with very little success – if any, with a beloved family member. I thought I had tried everything and by all accounts I had. I had that is, until I brought the subject up to Josephine. She was able to give me information about this person on a spirit/soul level and made specific suggestions how to reach her at that level. I did what Josephine advised and saw immediate results. I continue to follow her advise and I continue to see amazing advances. I am so much more at peace and so is my loved one. We are not “there” yet but, for the first time ever I feel sure we will get there and it is beautiful.

I have been consciously on my spiritual path for 22 years and have felt an incredible calling but fear, disguised as rationality or logic, has consistently prevented me from fully following my calling/path. After several sessions with Josephine (actually only 3) she gave me information, encouragement and insight with specific things to do to so I could move to the next level of my life’s dream. I followed her advise, and I have to admit I was fearful but the trust I had developed in Josephine allowed me to follow through. I began acting on information I believed came from my angels/guides instead of allowing my head/fear block my actions. The result of my following Josephine’s informative advise and encouragement resulted in 1) proving she was right, 2) I can trust my intuition and act on it. The people I was called to be available to responded, not as I had always feared – like I was a bit or a lot crazy, but with resounding joy, excitement and gratitude. I cannot put into words the joy and excitement I have to continue this practice.

I have, over many years lost loved ones who have passed away. I have had so much fun visiting with them through Josephine. An interesting thing about Josephine is that I can ask about someone by name and she connects with them and then tells me things that she is able to feel/see such as strong personality traits which are spot on to things so specific as the month they were born. These things just come out without my saying or giving her any information about them other than their name. So if you need or just want to communicate with someone who has passed, I can tell you that I have had so much fun and in some cases found peace and guidance from loved ones that I thought I wouldn’t see until I passed.

I have many more personal examples of how Josephine has touched my life in such beautiful ways, these are only a few examples. 

To summarize, I energetically encourage anyone seeking a loving and gifted life coach, spiritual teacher, spiritual healer to call upon C. Josephine Wilkins. She is a gift to this universe and is able to help each of us connect with our own gifts/talents and solutions which we seek. 

In closing, I feel anyone reading this is searching for something so it is with love and encouragement that I send you blessings on your path.

Benjamin Wilkins