Wendy W. 

I have been receiving distance readings from this dear being for a long time now. She has taught me so much, usually I walk around with a Josephine angel sitting on my shoulder. She has brought me so much healing that now I come to her when my crisis is calmed, because just knowing I am coming heals me in advance! My ego then is quieter and I am ready to hear my guides and not stress seeking answers – she always leads me to my own answers. However, when I am stuck, she steps in with a massive swipe and with much laughing gives me a perspective I never thought of that is awesome! She validates my own experiences with higher beings and helps me remember them when I need to. I was nervous about guides and other beings at first but with her powerful invocations I hear and feel totally safe and trusting. What a great sense of humor! And the things I think I ‘have’ to work on, that I have to force, it always turns out to be so easy to let go and rejoice, and yet when there is something I do need reminding to work on, she is the epitome of gentleness and empowerment. Most of all, her readings are so delicate and very easy and smooth, there is never any hesitation – she is such a natural!

I have seen the power of her energy on those around her, she radiates such knowledge and understanding the universe rushes to support her as it will YOU!! I adore her and will always live and breathe her magic because I know her and because I have let her into my soul. I am forever grateful for her presence in my life and for the powerful readings she is so capable of sharing. 

Infinite Love and Bliss to all from knowing her.

Benjamin Wilkins