Jocelyn S.

I have had multiple sessions with Josephine. At the first reading I received from her, she said a prayer and intention before we began and then immediately jumped into intuitively expressing everything I was feeling- these blurs of emotions and repressed discomforts that were blocking me from happiness. 

I left feeling like a million bucks and energized to take action in my life. I have returned to have more readings with her because, like a surgeon, she cuts to the real issue blocking you and explains the root of the cause and how it is benefiting you and how to resolve it. This is all done with the most loving inflection and amazing sense of humor. She listens attentively and intuitively knows just what your wavering mind or tired soul is seeking to nourish itself. She is like a really great guide helping me navigate the uncharted crossroads of my mind and heart. 

C. Josephine has channeled family members of mine bringing spot on communication only they would say. This experience brought great relief and peace during times of overwhelming fogginess and pain. She has predicted things in my life and also withheld information I was seeking because she knew I would gain more from figuring it out on my own. She was right. And she is well versed in life and death experiences so nothing shocks her. 

C. Josephine Wilkins is a top notch healer because she has successful experience in so many modalities of healing. Because of her background at Tisch, she had acute insight into helping me with my craft of acting and honed in on how to advance my acting career to the next level. Also, because of her extensive knowledge of the human body, nutrition, and yoga, she has been a transformative light in helping me understand how to take care of my body and health. I have healed ailments that have been going and coming for years. 

She is a role model of self care because she knows it affects the accuracy and level of her abilities. She eats a clean, whole food diet. She has an advanced yoga, meditation, and spiritual practice. And she is devoted to this work. I ran into her outside of a reading, just running an errands, and immediately felt the same waves of highest love exuding from her words. She is a salt of the earth, integrity filled person. When people speak of “god” or “angels” or “divine presence,” it all seems to express unconditional love. That is what I feel flooded by when I am in a session with C. Josephine Wilkins. Thank god she is calmly sharing her unique gifts and abilities!

Benjamin Wilkins