Paul S.

For someone that grew up in a very open minded household often filled with conversations of spirits and intuition, I found it very difficult to find any sort of peace after my mother unexpectedly passed. See, even growing up in the same small town as Josephine I never knew of her abilities. It wasn’t until she came up in a news feed on Facebook; yes Facebook, that I discovered that she possessed something I was searching for, a way to connect with Mom. 

Little did I know at the time it would turn into more. Her ability to sooth and calm ones mind and body far surpasses anyone I have ever met. It is as if you have no choice but to keep and maintain an open mind. I have had several Psychic readings and never had a quick, instant connection to the Medium. It was as though we were kids using tin cans and a string laughing and smiling the whole time (Plus a few tears on my part). 

Her reassuring “chuckle” lets you know that “someone” or “something” is indeed coming through. Her ability to sense your emotions before you have time to put words to them is not only uncanny, and comforting, but out of this world. 

Positive, reassuring, and an uplifting experience that leaves you smiling, laughing, and crying all at the same time. My hour reading with Josephine produced more personal affirmations (things that only my mother and I could know) than any of my other readings combined. I have felt my mothers presence since day one of her passing; but after today with the help of Josephine, I feel an instant, real time connection. definitely look forward to our next connection and journey. Indeed an honest, moving, pleasurable experience…

Benjamin Wilkins