Josephine grew up in the tiny town of Porter, Maine about an hour outside of Portland. Her parents had recognized early on that she was particularly well connected to her intuition and encouraged her to develop those instincts.

She began integrating yoga into her personal intuitive development process in high-school, before taking her studies to New York for several years.

But it wasn’t until her intuition guided her to the other side of the country and she met her future husband to be in Los Angeles that she became a full time intuitive counselor, spiritual guide and yoga instructor.

She has taken the wealth of experience earned in 25 plus years of studying yoga, nutrition, eastern and western ideology metaphysics and astrology and has incorporated it all into her own unique brand of intuitive guidance and yoga — which she has been teaching to her private clients for the last 15 years.

After the birth of her son, she and her husband found themselves drawn away from Los Angeles and settled down in Fairfield, Iowa, where she continues guiding the intuitive development of clients on both coasts and everywhere in between.